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About 10-15 minutes (Tainan Road Station in front of the success of the road straight to the success of the road and Guohua Street, Dandan Hamburg, call us)


Get off at Tainan Gongshang Station Bus No. 3 and get off at "Chenggong Rd. West Section." Get off at Hai'an Road and the triangular window of Chengjian Intersection,
Ticket price: NT $ 18, can hold travel card, card, get off the card are required card


Tainan Train Station to Hai'an Road and Chengli Road 7-11
About NT $ 85-100 yuan fare

Tour bus

Get off at No. 17, Sec. 3, Haian Road, North District, Tainan City
(Tour bus parked overnight call first parking spaces, 350 yuan per night)

Drive by yourself

You can enter the navigation section of the second section of Hai'an Road, Tainan City, No. 2, opposite 7-11 more easy to find

High-speed rail

After arriving at Tainan High Speed ​​Rail Station, transfer to Taiwan Tainan Shalun Line to Tainan Railway Station, exit from Qianzhan Station and walk 10-15 minutes along Chenggong Road to Dandan Hamburg and call us

Paid parking

Please search for "Hoi An Public Car Park" or navigate: 390 South Park Road, Taipei, Taiwan